4 thoughts on “Backlit autumn foliage in the French Alps near Briançon”

  1. Hey, I wanted to make an exactly same photo (ok, the colour of leaves was more yellowish) yesterday from the aeroplane, flying over Norway. But then the wing came in the way and, well, missed it…

  2. Wow. I’ve just spent minutes trying to figure out how close your were to this! It could be aerial..but I know you are driving so that’s out. Anyway, it certainly catches one’s eyes!

  3. Robert

    I think my trees were redder because they were in a colder area due to altitiude. I’ve never been very happy with any photos I’ve taken from planes so if it’s any small consolation to you, your shot, if you had taken it, might’ve been dissappointing.


    Probably about half a mile. The trees were on the other side of a narrow valley. I saw lots of things I wanted to shoot in the Alps from Italy to France but there was very few places to pull over.


    In reality the trees were even redder and brighter than in the photo but because I was shooting towards the sun (I used a lens hood) I think I got some lens flare and it reduced the saturation and contrast. I tried to fix up the image but I’m using Photoshop Elements (Photoshop CS’s brain damaged inbred cousin) and a laptop (I hate laptops and their stupid screens…. arrrgh!) and I couldn’t make it look like how it did. I really miss my computer at home but I’m loving the travel, so I’ll just have to persevere.

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