This blog will be about my various interests (I know, I know…. how original) and I will also be writing a book on-line.


My interests include:
Art… I have a few artist friends and I buy art occasionally (usually abstract landscapes)
Cooking… I do all the cooking at home for my wife and I. I particularly like barbequing and throwing dinner parties
Carpentry… I used to be a set carpenter in the theatre and I make my own furniture
Gardening… Because I like to cook I also like to use fresh home grown vegetables
Kites… I’ve liked kites from since I was a child. Now that I’m older I’ve started making more complicated kites
Music… I’m tired of Rock and I don’t like most Rap or C&W. I tend to listen to Chill Out, Regae, Jazz and World music.
Photography… Although I studied photography at art college and worked in commercial photography as an assistant most of the photos in this blog are just snap shots
Theatre… I go to the theatre several times a year with my wife and her parents
Travel… I lived overseas for 11 years and I usually go abroad once a year (sometimes more, sometimes less)

When I write about my interests I will try to explain how I did things with either plans, recipes or tips.

My online book will be about my younger years when I did so many dumb things, it’s a wonder I’m still alive. Hopefully they will be seen as amusing cautionary tales.

The reason why I’m writing the about “All the Dumb Things” in a blog is that it forces me to be disciplined and get the stories out of my head into the real world. I see this blog as a place to put down my rough drafts, almost like the framework of a house that I can fill in and decorate as I go. I’ve been finding that as I read what I’ve written, more and more detail is being released from the vaults of my memory.

To help you, dear reader, get a sense of where I’m coming from, I leave you with this quote from the prologue of Hermann Hesse’s  book Demian. 

“Every person’s life is a journey toward himself, the attempt at a journey, the intimation of a path. No person has ever been completely himself, but each one strives to become so, some gropingly, others more lucidly, according to his abilities. Each one carries with him to the end traces of his birth, the slime and eggshells of a primordial world. Many a one never becomes a human being, but remains a frog, lizard, or ant. Many a one is a human being above and a fish below. But each one is a gamble of Nature, a hopeful attempt at forming a human being.”

The Razzbuffnik abides

So on I stumble, trying to become more of a human being.

43 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Razz,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experiences, thoughts and photographs. Extremely entertaining, and wonderful photography to enhance or make your stories sing. You seem to have lead a full and satisfying life, and come across as a bloke who it would be a pleasure to share a frosty beverage with some day. Best of luck, and if you are ever in SE Asia, drop a note!!!

    Thanks again for sharing your work!!!

    Joe Garrison

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve got lots more stories to tell and heaps more photos, so check in every now and again.

  3. would you know where i could buy them from in england? like a website or anything? thankyou for commenting on my page :) iv left a link to your blog on mine too, i love your travelling and im also jealous

  4. Hi Razz, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. That Chrismtas night in Sarajevo was a really special one. Sometimes studying an instrument for as long and as seriously as I did can make it seem more like work and stress than pleasure. Nights like that one remind you of what a gift it is, to be able to play and share music with others. I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog today – nice work!

  5. Hi there,
    just thought I should see who left the comment about Epicurus on my blog, so here I am! I love the variety on your site… will keep popping in to have a look.
    I lived in Sydney for a while some time back and loved exploring Australia. It’s a fascinating place. You obviously love life and have quite a life to love so I look forward to reading/ seeing more in future.
    PS do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my page?

  6. >Epicurienne.
    >PS do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my page?

    I’d be honored and I will do likewise. Nice to hear from a fellow Epicurean and thanks for coming by.

  7. Hi Razz,

    Ha! I’m not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. I linked in to your tales of Phnom Penh not realizing this was *your* blog…updated as recently as yesterday! Once I figured that out I had fun meeting your Mum, seeing your wonderful photos and…learning about that fence rail you repaired (stick to blogging!). (-:

    I’m a publisher. A friend sent me a link to one of your posts about your time in Phnom Penh. One of my authors was a researcher from U of Hawaii who was also there in early 1975. He was gathering information on the (formerly) Royal Cambodian dancers and their tradition. He escaped with his papers and photos on April 7 in a military transport.

    More than 30 years later, I’ve finally published his work as “Earth in Flower – The Divine Mystery of the Cambodian Dance Drama.” This is the most comprehensive history of Cambodian dance ever compiled. Sadly, no more complete account can ever be compiled…it’s estimated that 90% of the dancers and their teachers died under the Khmer Rouge regime. There are photos and more info at http://www.EarthInFlower.com

    Note that this book is only about the dance tradition, but the author also kept diaries with his impressions of the city at that pivotal time. I’ve been encouraging him to gather these for a future book. Sounds like you’re on the same track.

    My contact info is on the website. This post probably includes my email at an admin level. I hope to hear from you!

    Thanks for sharing your account and photos. You have a terrific blog!

    Kent Davis

  8. love the phnom penh stories, please don’t stop at just three, keep them coming, alongwith the photos.
    just linked to you on my own blog.
    i’m living in pp myself these days (i’d had enough of England) and loving every minute of it.
    thankfully the dodging of bombs and so on has subsided for a while!

  9. >love the phnom penh stories, please don’t stop at just three, keep them coming,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ve got about 3 or 4 more stories about Cambodia but none of them are as mental as the visit to the battle front that you are referring to.

  10. Kia ora,

    “Kaua e whakaarohia te mahinga engari te otinga”

    Translation: Think not on the labour, rather reflect on the completion

    I read with interest about your desire for Maori art, I looked for your Email address but didn’t see it.

    My name is Jason Watson from Aotearoa (New Zealand), it is my great honor to invite you to view the online exhibition of master New Zealand Maori carver Bronwyn Warwick, view the collection at this link:


    View her online exhibition as I’m sure you will be delighted with the traditional and contemporary Maori carvings using bone, Paua shell and Cook island pearl shells and corals.

    Over the past 35 years, Bronwyn has studied, practiced and perfected her technique to an extremely high level, she has had many high-profile customers and has been commissioned by several corporate entities.

    Proud of her Ngai Tahu Ngati Poneke Whakapapa (genealogy), Master carver Bronwyn Warwick creates much sought after pieces that have adorned the necks of super-models, celebrities and corporate heads.

    There are many carvers of New Zealand Maori works but Bronwyn is rated within the top five master carvers in her works

    Bronwyn has taught (and is currently teaching) carving at several
    prestigious New Zealand institutes, mentoring many trainee carvers. She has also worked on specially commissioned pieces for several internationally high-profile people.

    From Miss World contestants to the wives of generals, her work has been reviewed widely, both nationally and internationally and her exhibitions well patronised.

    Bronwyn’s works have been displayed and purchased in the United States, Canada, Japan, England, Australia and of course, here in New Zealand.

    E noho rā

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I somehow accidentally deleted it though, so don’t get offended if you don’t see it. You could even go back and repost again if you want, I’ll be more careful. You have some great stuff. I’m going to subscribe to your blog as well! Cheers!!


  12. Hi, You left a comment on my blog recently with a reference to the artist, Rosalie Gascolgne. I appreciate it so much as I was not familiar with her. I looked her up on the internet and I have gone back several times to look at her images. I am doing another road project at the moment and I think her work is speaking to me! Maybe I need meds but I think it’s a good thing! I have also read a few of your blog entries and will return to read more. You are a cheerful bloke–perhaps the sense of wonder you have now has been your secret survival skill?

    Anyway, thanks.


  13. Thanks for dropping by.

    Glad you liked Rosalie Gascoigne’s work. Photos can sometimes be like the “found objects” that Rosalie worked with. It just takes a certain intelligence to perceive the beautiful in the mundane.

    As for being cheerful. I’ve got a lot to be cheerful about. Everyday I count my blessings as I know how lucky I am on so many different levels.

  14. Just went to James Powditch’s site. Three Days of Condor. Can you hear me yodeling in Australia? Truly. Liftoff is the polite way of saying it. “Holy Crap” is what a friend says when she sees something that she loves instantly. Take your pick. I thank you so much for your executive toy brain!


    i am posting this response on my site as well since I’m still not sure how this blogging thing works.

  15. Razz –

    Have really enjoyed keeping up with your blog here, well done mate! I have tried posting a couple comments in some of the individual sections; the post appear to send, but for some reason aren’t appearing in the comments. Is there a glitch somewhere, or am I managing to screw up even this easy process??? Truly a pleasure following along with your new entries every couple of months, though, either way!!!

  16. Been meaning to come and have a squizz over here for a while now and eventually made it safely 😀 Do you think its all southern hemisphere blokes that enjoy the bbq? Saffers go nuts for it – right off to go have a read while I drink my mocha!

  17. Thanks for dropping by Sanity.

    “Do you think its all southern hemisphere blokes that enjoy the bbq?”

    All the ones I know. A lot of the women here like them as well. Especially since it’s usually the guys who want to be the ones in charge of burning the meat 😉

    “right off to go have a read while I drink my mocha!”

    Enjoy your coffe and I hope the topics and my writing don’t curdle the experience. Things have been a bit full on lately.

  18. Joe.

    Always good to hear from you. My well meaning spam filter has been blocking you for some reason and your comments were being held back. I’m so glad I checked it before I dumped it’s contents without checking like I normaly do.

  19. Thank you for your comment on MY blog. Yours is fantastic and I’ve added you to my blog roll and to my Authors/Writers page as well.

  20. Dear Razzbffnik,
    I have a blog,but it is Mandarin not Enlgish. I wish I can use English in my blog, however, my English is not good enough so far. > <"

  21. Joyce

    I don’t know if you know this, but in your profile (it’s the place where you put the little picture of yourself that shows up in the comment that you make) you can put in your own blog’s URL so when you leave a comment, it will auotmatically link back to your blog so people like me can look at your blog.

    I’m always interested in seeing the blogs of people who come to my blog.

  22. Hi Razz, I came here via Seat61.com because I’m interested in railway travel (much better than cattle class air travel), and I read your story about the Sunlander with the pictures. Fantastic train down under. Of course, I visit Seat61 for traintravel all over the world, maybe I will visit Oz for the trains, and the civil engeneering because I am a road designer and a walking road atlas.

    Joost, Arnhem, The Netherlands

  23. Joost

    Thanks for dropping by. I love train travel and one of my regrets about my recent trip to Europe was that we hired a car and didn’t need to travel by train. I would’ve loved to have gone on one of those fast trains you have over there.

    If you ever come over here you will find things very different, but then again, I guess that’s why we travel, to see different things. I think for a European, what Australia has to offer is wide open spaces without signs of much civilisation. Our trains aren’t very modern but again that one of their charms.

  24. Razz, thanks, you, your wife (Engogirl) and your blog make me a Austalia-fan. I can’t give reasons but Oz fascinates me. 90% of Oz is wide open spaces without signs of much civilisation. And that’s a very big offer, only Antartica has 100% wide open spaces without civilisation. But Oz is warm, sometimes hot, and neighbour Antartica is cold, very cold.

  25. Joost

    I think that it’s part of the human condition to feel “that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Many Australians long for a sense of belonging to an older culture that they can call their own, and for that reason many go to Europe and in particular, England.

  26. Dear Sir,

    I dont know if you can help my but I would dearly love to get your permission to use copies of the photographs that you took whilst you and your wife were out on the Vagabond Sailing Tour in Cairns for our website (which is currently being rebuit): http://www.cairnsvisitorcentre.com In keeping with the look and feel of our website I guess I would want them without the print added. We sell tours and we have favoured booking the Vagabond for may years but I can’t seem to access any quality images fromVagabond (such as yours) in order to promote their tour. At the end of the day on completion of our website I would be happy to add a link to website in favour,

    Any assistance that you can offer will be much appreciated

    Kind regards

    Melody Forgan

  27. Melody

    Sorry but I didn’t have a good time on the “Vagabond” and I don’t feel predisposed to help them out. Here’s a link for other people who are reading this and want ot know what I’m talking about.


    By the way, if you’re going to use shots with people in them, for commercial puposes, you will need to have model releases. None of the images on this site have been “model realeased” so they can’t be used for your purposes any way.

  28. hey razz :) peace be upon you.

    i stumbled across your page on muslim girl in malaysia and yes, as the matter of fact i am a malay muslim girl still in university and i can’t stop smiling for your kind words on that page.

    in malaysia im one of the blessed who were born in the city and is more exposed about other’s culture especially western. i have to say we girls likes to play dress and the west have it at best. so you see, some will choose to follow and some will stay put like you said in modesty. it’s all depends to how we were brought up. everyone loves who they are regardless how we were perceived as oppressed or freedom-less. it’s true just as others wear clothes the level of shame if we didn’t wear scarfs is tremendous as we were to show it.

    but changing other’s perspective isn’t easy so i’d rather thank you for having to see us just equally as anyone else (at least) 😀

    for me it’s a motivation when a stranger understand you (even if not much a little) since you were so different in other people’s eyes..i thank you :) and im sure if you’re not better you’ll stay great as a human being 😉

    <3 from the girl in veil, kuala lumpur malaysia :)

  29. Tia

    Peace be upon you, and thank you for your kind words.

    I think that there has been a lot of misunderstanding about the hijab or in your case the tudung in non-Moslem countries. Luckily, here in Australia there have been quite a few government sponsored television shows that have tried to explain to the wider non-Moslem community what wearing the hijab is all about.

    I think the more we know about different cultures, the better we will all get along.

  30. Razz,

    It was a pleasure meeting you and I love the blog. Don’t forget that by being to Santa Fe you have been officially indicted to the LWOB club 😉

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