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Unreal clouds

I do a bit of design work for the web and one of the people I’ve done work for is an old friend John Chilton of Camel design

and Scenic Oasis

in Vancouver Canada. Part of John’s business is the renting out of painted back drops for the movie and advertising industry. There is always a concern that clouds in the backdrops look realistic. The funny thing is that quite often natural clouds can look very unnatural like the photo below.

The image is a composite of about four images that have been “stitched” together with Canon’s PhotoStitch. The photos were taken from my bedroom balcony in Febuary this year at sunset

Big skies in Queensland 1990

Here’s some colour and natural beauty to compensate for my last couple of posts.



These shots were taken on the road between Jondaryon and Bunya Mountain in Queenland, Australia, with an 18mm lens on Kodak EC100.

On a bit of a sad note, all the transparencies I had in the folder with this series, are blighted with tiny spots of fungus. It’s not apparent in the images here because the resolution isn’t high enough, but I won’t be able to make any large prints out of them.

I know the are a lot photographers out there who are convinced that digital photography will never replace chemical based photography, as for me, I’m a total digital convert. When I look through all my old images, I’m devestated by how many of them have fungus on them. I know I should’ve stored the better, but living in hot and humid Queensland for five years made that next to impossible unless I wanted to totally seal them and never look at them. Lets face it, gelatine is just sooo medieval. Film emulsion is the next best thing to a petri dish filled with agar agar, basically, it’s a banguet for fungus.

Digital photograhy is getting better every day. Even my little compact Canon A95 is giving me better than exceptable results. I look forward to the day in the not so distant future when digital cameras produce the same, if not, then improved, resolution and contrast range.

Clouds from my bedroom balcony

The picture below was taken from my bedroom balcony at about 8am yesterday morning

The image is made up of 8 photos that were stitched together with Canon PhotoStitch.

I’m not saying that this is great expressive photography, after all it’s just a matter of be there and take the picture like most other landscapes (or skyscapes if you want to be picky). For me this is a record of another beautiful scene I’ve seen. It’s all about “be here now”.